PM207 Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

Compatible with our Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Strapping, the PM207 is our enhanced model of Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines. It features a height adjustable table top and 30% less moving parts than the PM206


  • Hinged stainless top plate
  • Sensor controlled heater
  • Automatic motor stop to save energy
  • Adjustable table height


  • CE certfied
  • 30% less moving parts than the PM206
  • Reliable P.C. board electric control
  • Safety limit switch included

Technical Specifications

Compatible Strap Types Polypropylene (PP)
Strapping Dimensions 5.00 – 13.00mm (Width) x 0.45 – 0.65mm (Thickness)
Sealing Method Heat Welding
Weight 70 KG

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