Fromm Packaging manufactures high quality products through out the world which are renowned for innovation and excellence in reliability. Its steel and plastic strapping tools have for many years been leaders in their field and continue to be developed for ever demanding roles required by our customers in the market place.

Protective Packaging

Fromm Packaging UK’s protective packaging machines produce sheet form air pillows of various sizes used for void filling of boxes and for protection of goods in transit.

Stretch Wrap Machines & Film

New developments on behalf of the FROMM group come from the production of our Stretch Wrap machinery. They are capable of power pre-stretching film prior to wrapping of goods to pallets.

Why Choose Us

  • Long term strategy focusing on core product lines
  • High class products manufactured on state of the art equipment
  • Fast and professional service for the customer whenever it is needed
  • Highly motivated and committed teams are the secret of FROMM’s success
  • The FROMM brand stands for quality, reliability, continuity and success

Our Happy Clients

We have found the FROMM Airpad machine to be very reliable and flexible in the way we want to pack. Since we have had the machine our breakages are down and I have saved good costs.
Keith Mclean
We consider FROMM as one of our top ten integrated suppliers. The reliability of the Airpad machine and the cost reductions we have made are of major importance to us.
Steve Workman
Changing from paper to the FROMM Airpad System has not only saved us money but has made the packing area a much cleaner and dust free environment.
Martin Walsh
Before our void fill solutions could be described as Inefficient, unreliable, Expensive and high risk. Since the FROMM Airpad system have been introduced I can now describe our Void fill solutions as Efficient, Reliable, Cost effective and Low Risk
John Tombs
We are completely satisfied with our change to the Airpad System because of the choices of Air Pad size and that I have saved £20,000 per year on my void fill costs
Scot Parkhill
We receive excellent service from FROMM and the flexibility of the pads has resulted in a major benefit in reducing our cost.
Mark Simon
Since moving to FROMM the excellent machines and Air pads have resulted in us never having any breakages in a year for the first time
David Edwards
We used chips before which caused us storage issues and dust. Now we have a cleaner environment, more space and we will never change back
Peter Burbridge
The FROMM Air pads are of the highest quality and I have flexibility with the pad sizes. Breakages and complaints are down and we are very happy to be associated with FROMM.
Mark Herrington
Since moving to FROMM I have always received excellent and consistent service. I get good flexibility with the pad sizes and there are less roll changes.
Simon Longhurst
I have always received high class and prompt service from FROMM. Since changing I have had no complaints or returned goods.
Graeme Challis