Manual Combination Steel Strapping Tools

The FROMM A333 is the perfect manual steel strapping tool for regular duty strapping. Whether you need a manual tool that will work reliably, or you need a back-up tool that is always ready when you are, the A333 is the ideal choice.

The FROMM A337 is perfect for users of both regular duty and high tensile steel strapping up to widths of 19mm. Robust, reliable, simple and cost effective, the A337 is ideally used as a low volume steel strapping tool or as a back-up tool.

Used in combination with the A412 Manual Steel Strapping Sealer and Seals, the A402 is designed to strap smaller, round packs. The simple operation allows you to feed the strap through the tool and crank the lever to tension.

The FROMM A412 is to be used after the Steel Strapping has been tensioned using the A402 tool. Simply apply your seal to the tensioned strap and use the A412 to clamp, locking the seal in place and securing the pack.

The FROMM A431 is compatible with regular duty strapping up to widths of 19mm and is perfect for strapping small surfaces and rounded packs. You can pick up this tool and use it anywhere, anytime as it operates without the need of a power source or any secondary tools.