A483 Pneumatic Powered Steel Strapping Tool

The FROMM A483 is the most rugged strapping tool of its kind. Robust and reliable, the A483 is ideally used for high volume steel strapping.

Boasting FROMM’s superior tensioning force, the A483 has become a proven performer when strapping bars, bundles, pipes, coils and other products in the steel industry.

If you need to strap high volumes of heavy duty packages, the A483 is the tool of choice.


  • Pneumatic pusher type combination steel strapping tool
  • Pneumatic feed wheel for easy insertion of steel strap
  • 25 – 32mm strap width
  • 7000 – 9000N tension force
  • Double notch seal
  • Production workhorse


  • Ideal for steel industry
  • All in one tension, seal and cut
  • Robust and reliable
  • Long life wear parts

Technical Specifications

Strap Width 25 – 32mm
Strap Thickness 0.80 – 1.00mm
Tension 7000 – 9000 Newtons
Weight 18 KG

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