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The FROMM Group designs, develops and produces a wide variety of tools, machines & automatic systems for the timber industry. Our world renowned equipment is expertly designed for unitising and palletising timber packs, frames, trusses, firewood bundles, hardwood, softwood, panels & MDF for secure transport.

We supply a large range of heavy duty, high performance polyester (PET) strap, high tensile zinc coated steel strap & heavy duty wrap which are guaranteed to keep heavy loads safe and secure during transit.

Fromm also supplies world renowned in-line stretch wrapping systems which include custom solutions designed to maintain load security. Used with our ultra-modern, high puncture resistant stretch film you will achieve unrivalled load security. We also supply specialized film for timber packs.

In an industry with heavy duty, industrial applications you need to use the absolute best quality products, tools & machines. Fromm is a globally trusted brand, providing global solutions for local problems.

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Fromm Strapping Machines in the timber industry