FS360 Stretch Wrap Machine

The FS360 Stretch Wrap Machine is a reliable entry level stretch wrapper for the user who simply needs to wrap pallets quickly, consistently and all at an affordable price.

The simplicity of our Plug & Play design allows you to start wrapping with no specialist training required.


  • Wraps pallets of heights up to 2100mm
  • Photocell for pallet height detection
  • Audio signal at start of wrapping cycle
  • Patented mechanical brake system
  • Optional open turntable to accommodate for loading with a hand pallet truck
  • Compatible with FROMM Machine Stretch Film


  • Requires minimal training to operate
  • Ideal for wrapping 1-50 pallets per day
  • “Plug & Play” Installation
  • Machine is easy to move using a forklift truck
  • Wrapping can be set to start as low as turntable level

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