Polyester (PET) Plastic Strapping

FROMM Packaging is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of PET Plastic Strapping. Available in widths of 9 – 32mm, our PET Strapping is compatible with our full range of Friction Weld Strapping Tools and Strapping Machines.


  • Compatible with FROMM’s range of Friction Weld & Manual Plastic Strapping Tools
  • High impact resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Elastic memory
  • Can be used as a substitute for Steel Strapping to provide significant cost savings (dependent on strapping application and load weight)


  • High cost saving compared to steel
  • Safe handling – reduces risk of employee injury
  • Easy to use
  • Can be subjected to higher tensioning force than PP Strapping
  • Available in different colours
PET Plastic Strapping

Technical Specifications

Product Code Strap Dimensions Metres per Coil Coils per Pallet Request A Quote
40.6790 9mm x 0.60mm 3000 48 Request A Quote
40.6750 12mm x 0.60mm 2700 48 Request A Quote
40.6874 12mm x 0.70mm 2400 48 Request A Quote
40.6866 12.5mm x 0.80mm 2000 48 Request A Quote
40.7288 12.5mm x 0.90mm 1500 48 Request A Quote
40.7381 15.5mm x 0.60mm 2100 48 Request A Quote
40.6852 15.5mm x 0.68mm 1800 48 Request A Quote
40.7392 15.5mm x 0.85mm 1400 48 Request A Quote
40.7383 16mm x 1.00mm 1000 48 Request A Quote
40.7386 19mm x 0.80mm 1200 48 Request A Quote
40.7380 19mm x 1.00mm 1000 48 Request A Quote
40.6843 19mm x 1.27mm 800 48 Request A Quote

With PET manufacturing plants located in Europe, South America, and East Asia, we use modern extrusion methods to ensure that our Strapping is produced to the highest level achievable. Our range of PET Strapping is complimented by our battery operated and manual strapping tools.

Our Polyester Strapping is used across a wide range of industries, from baling, to food & beverage, to timber, amongst many others. Our strap is available in varying sizes with high breaking strains.

High Break Loads

For users strapping heavy loads, PET is often the logical strapping material of choice. With break loads of up to 1030KG, it can be used for many heavy duty applications such as construction materials & steel/aluminium bundling.

Ideal substitute for Steel Strapping

In some cases, it is possible to substitute Steel Strapping for PET. This often results in a high cost saving amongst other benefits:

  • No damage or contamination of packaged goods (PET is corrosion resistant)
  • High shock-absorption in the event of excessive stress during transport
  • Simple & safe handling, low risk of operator injury
  • Much less strain on the strapped load’s edges (reduces need for edge protection)

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