Fromm Packaging are a global leader in the supply of Strapping, Stretch Wrap, and Protective Packaging. As well as offering our packaging solutions for outright purchase, we also provide you with the ability to rent our tools & machines on a yearly contract.

All rental equipment supplied by Fromm is serviced and maintained by our in-house service department, and operator training is provided free of charge by our very own salespeople.

Fromm Packaging Rental Tools

When a packaging machine or tool breaks down, we understand the implications and business downtime costs, that’s why we came up with a replacement system, called a Swap Drop. Our swap drop service allows you to get back up and running within one business day whilst we diagnose and repair your rental tool

Once you’re back up and running we provide a complete service report listing details of the fault and work completed. Failed parts are also retained should you wish to inspect them.