AP150 Tabletop Protective Packaging Machine

As FROMM’s newest tabletop protective packaging machine, the AP150 is capable of generating up to 18 metres of protective film per minute. Compatible with a variety of film, the AP150 has it’s own built-in air supply, and is equipped with a simple, reliable winder.


  • Built-in air supply
  • Produces up to 18 metres of packaging film per minute
  • Tabletop design


  • High production capacity
  • Fits comfortably into smaller packing stations
  • Anti static film also available

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

Weight 18KG
Height 491mm
Width 460mm
Power Supply 110V / 220V (dependent on machine variation)
Air Supply Built-in

Machine Options

Winder – Generates one roll of packing film in less than 3 minutes
– Easily connected to the machine by an aviation cable
– Automatically starts and stops with the machine
– Equipped with a sensor that automatically stops the winder and the machine at the end of the roll

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