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The FROMM Group designs, develops and produces a wide variety of tools, machines & automatic systems for the food & beverage industry. Our world renowned equipment is expertly designed for unitising and palletising glass bottles, cans, waxed boxes & consumer products for secure transport.

Fromm Packaging UK offer a range of simple, standalone wrapping machines (rent or buy) as well as a range of fully automatic in-line wrapping systems, perfect for the food & beverage industry. We can fit out these systems with fencing, compression and safety systems..

Fromm strapping machines feature stainless steel tops which are ideal for cold room or freezer applications. Our machines make unitising and palletising slippery objects such as bottles and cans easier and safer. Flexible rental & rent-to-buy programs that reserve working capital are available for systems, tools & machines.

In an industry dealing with consumer products you need to use the absolute best quality products, tools & machines to ensure not only safety, to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition. Fromm is a globally trusted brand, providing global solutions for local problems.