FS390 Stretch Wrap Machine

The FS390 is ideal for users wrapping 100-150 pallets per day. Equipped with a 2 motor Power Pre-Stretch system, the FS390 features an intuitive control panel and a photo-electric cell for automatic height detection.


  • Easy to operate and extremely flexible wrapping programs make this machine suitable for almost all pallet formats and loads imaginable
  • Wrapping can even start at turntable level (automatically adjustable)
  • Thanks to the FROMM Ultra-Fast changing system, changing the film roll within several seconds is a piece of cake. Open the door, remove the empty roll, place the new roll, close the door and off you go


  • Available as either a single or twin motor machine. The twin motor variation allows film to be stretched up to 300% (1 metre on the roll becomes 3 metres on your pallet)
  • Using the easy to operate control panel, it is possible to set up any wrapping program you wish

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