P355 Pneumatic Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

Used in combination with our new plastic strapping tool, model P355, Polyester strapping up to 16.0 mm / 5/8″ width and 1.05 mm / .041″ thickness can be applied. A high seal efficiency is guaranteed and depending on the quality of the strapping, a tension of up to 2100N can be achieved.


  • Easy strap threading – both straps are inserted together.
  • Adjustable strap thickness allows an individual setting for the specific strap quality in use.
  • The compressed air can be connected to the tool either on top of the main housing or at the rear end of the main handle.


  • Sealing time, strap tension and tensioning speed are adjustable – which guarantees a high sealing efficiency and appropriately tensioned straps, resulting in perfectly secured packages.
  • Suitable for multiple applications due to the use of the universal suspension bracket, which is available as an accessory.
  • This tool is ideal for a wide variety of vertical and horizontal strapping positions, suitable for almost all applications in various industries.

Technical Specifications

Strap Dimensions Width: 10.00 – 16.00 mm
Thickness: 0.40 – 1.05 mm
Strap Tension 400 – 1200 N (Adjustable)
Sealing Type Friction weld sealing
Average seal strength Up to 75% (depending on strap quality)
Weight 4.75 KG
Max. Air pressure 6.0 Bar / 87 PSI

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