Fromm Packaging manufactures a complete range of both manual and battery operated plastic strapping tools. All our strapping tools our engineered to be easy to operate, the lightweight & ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue from extended use.

Friction Weld Strapping Tools

Fromm’s entire range of Friction Weld Strapping Tools (also referred to as Battery Operated) are designed to work in conjunction with our range of PET & Polypropylene Plastic Strapping. With reinforced motors, our tools can be used across a variety of applications, providing high tensions when needed.

Each model is optimised to a range of strap sizes, The tension force of each strapping tool is directly related to the strap dimension. For example the P318 is designed for the 9 – 12mm wide strapping usually found in beverage, logistics and paper industries tensions to a maximum of 800N. Whereas the P331 is designed for up to 32mm wide strapping used in the heaviest of applications such as the steel and aluminium industries applies a tension force of up to 7000N. Using Fromm plastic (PET) strapping you should be able to achieve a seal joint well in excess of 75% of the original material. To ensure consistency each tool can be customised to provide the strapping tension force required for your application.

Pneumatic Plastic Strapping Tools

Our pneumatic range can be used as offline or production workhorses where their strength and power mean they can be used for 24 hour operation.

The pneumatically powered plastic strapping tools compliment our friction weld strapping tools and are designed for use with Fromm PET and steel strap in widths from 15mm to 32mm.

Our high-powered tools can be suspended for ease of use and operator comfort and are used in some of the harshest industrial environments such as the Aluminium and Steel Industry.

Manual Plastic Strapping Tools

Our manual tools are perfect for low volume strapping users and provide a cheaper strapping solutions. Combined with our strapping seals, strapping tensioners and sealers are typically used in warehouse, logistics and small timber yard applications. The tensioner is used to apply the holding force to bring the strap around the product. The seal is then manually placed over the two pieces of strap and then joined by applying the sealer to the strapping seal and forcing it to close.