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The FROMM Group designs, develops and manufactures a wide variety of tools, machines & automatic systems for the a wide range of industries. Our world renowned equipment is expertly designed to increase efficiency, product throughput & load security for all of your products.

We provide logistical & distribution solutions in the form of our expert engineers who design the flow of packing lines with aims of increasing product through put, efficiency and minimal risk of downtime.

Fromm supplies everything from simple, standalone wrapping and strapping machines, to fully automatic wrapping and strapping systems which can be customized to any industry or product to increase efficiency.

Along with our tools, machines and consumables, Fromm is capable of fulfilling every need you have to get your product from the warehouse to the customer.

In an industry dealing with high volumes of product, you need to use the absolute best quality systems to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Fromm is a globally trusted brand, providing global solutions for local problems.