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Established in 1947, FROMM is a Swiss family business that generates a turnover in excess of 190 million Euros producing a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport: strapping machines and systems, pallet stretch wrapping machines, the patented Airpad pillow system, together with all necessary consumerables.

40+ subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Asia, along with a multitude of specialized sales partners throughout the world ensure – in your vicintiy – professional advice, prompt customer service and maintenance. FROMM pursues a policy of logical vertical integration while upholding traditional values such as proximity to customers, quality consciousness, continuity, independence and environmental awareness, which are the reasons for decades of success.

With over 900 employees, production takes place round the clock in the FROMM production centres. Highly qualified teams of specialists manufacture FROMM products satisfying the highest demands of quality on computer-controlled machines. All machines are tested before leaving the factory. The company has ISO 9001 certification.

FROMM Packaging (UK) is a wholey owned FROMM Group subsidiary company which was incorporated into the UK in 2003. We are a Sales, Marketing and Distribution Company for all of the FROMM branded products which we manufacture in our many worldwide facilities.

FROMM was established in 1947 by a Swiss family and remains a family run company as of today. With over 40 directly owned FROMM subsidiaries worldwide, employing over 900 people and with a turnover in excess of 190 million euros, the FROMM Group has successfully negotiated the many challenges that growing companies come across over the years to now be recognised as one of the leading manufacturing Packaging companies of our time.

The quality products we produce are listed below in the following 3 categories

FROMM manufactures a full range of Plastic and Steel Strapping equipment from Hand Tools to specifically designed Automated Strapping Systems for all types of Industries. To compliment these products we produce in our own factories Polyester Plastic Strapping made from recycled Flakes which we produce from our Plastic recycling plants in Germany.

FROMM manufactures a full range of Protective Packaging equipment for void fill and wrap around protection used in the transportation of goods throughout the entire business market place. To compliment this equipment we also produce in our own factories the film used throughout this equipment. In addition we have additional partnerships worldwide producing equipment and consumables to add to the FROMM branded products.

FROMM manufactures a full range of Stretch Wrap Machinery for the securing of loads in the transportation process of goods throughout the complete market place. To compliment this range we have additional partner’s worldwide producing quality Stretch Films which are specified to a very high standard.

Above all else FROMM Worldwide provides Engineering Support and Customer Service as our number one priority for all of our customers at any level. Quality Products with “Quality Service” gives “Quality Experience”.

Reinhard FrommOur Group Owner Mr Reinhard Fromm would like to convey his appreciation to existing and new customers with the following promise:

Now I’d like to thank you cordially. Our colleagues for their loyalty and commitment and especially our business partners and customers who trust us and esteem our company’s traditional values, our continuity, independence, far-sighted planning and principles of quality without compromise. We uphold these values as a family company. Now and in the future. This we promise.

Sincerely, Reinhard Fromm.